Custom Embroidered Church Tees

Published by cf admin | Published on Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Custom Embroidered Church Tees

Custom Embroidered Church Tees.
Are you a pastor, bishop, choir director (or member) or someone in a leadership position at your church? If so, we’d like to ask you a few questions:

First Question: a) Do you currently need or b) have you ever entertained the thought of having an alternative to choir robes– but you didn’t want to relying solely upon choir members matching and color-coordinating their individual and very different wardrobes themselves? We’ll get back to that in a sec.

Second Question: a) Have you ever been interested in or b) ever wanted a high-quality, fully-customized embroidered church or choir tee-shirt constructed in YOUR church’s colors and with YOUR church’s name emblazoned boldly across the chest, but you didn’t think you could get all of that for a good or “cheap” price? But, you weren’t thinking “cheap” as in, you know, “cheap.” But, rather cheap as in inexpensive.

And, at the same time, if the price was “cheap,” you wouldn’t want the quality of the garment to look or feel “cheap”…. yeah, that “cheap.”

Final Question: Have you ever wanted a custom tee-shirt that the entire congregation could wear and/or purchase for a particular occasion (or fundraiser)? A shirt that could be worn in uniformity to church events, evangelism outings and/or other relative engagements?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these question, then CF’s Custom Embroidered Church Tees are for YOU! If your church is interested in learning more or ordering your own custom embroidered church tees, simply email or call us: (682) CF12-011 or (773) 998-1998 to get started!

Note: Please allow 2-3weeks for order turnaround. The exact time-frame will be communicated during order placement. There is No setup fee, No design fee, No shipping fee (orders over 50 units), multiple colors to choose from and tee-shirts start as low as $18! You can also add your church and/or pastor’s name, city, state, “motto,” or scripture reference on the sleeve for just a few bucks more!

To learn more about CF’s other private label services, please click here and/or here. To place a bid for other interests, click here.

CF’s Custom Embroidered Church Tees.
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