Reunions (Private Label)

Published by cf admin | Published on Monday, July 1st, 2013

Reunions (Private Label)

Every year, several family members get together and form “The Committee.” For those unfamiliar with this mandatory process, this group of brave souls is given the (not-for-the-squeamish) task of planning that year’s forthcoming family reunion. A theme is presented and agreed upon. A city is selected and a hosting venue is chosen. Now, you need tee-shirts.

Your concern is three-fold:

1) Who will design and/or make the tee-shirts
2) What will the quality, price and turnaround end up being
3) Dealing with the other family members growing frustrations and resistance over spending money year-after-year on the mundane (example: cheap tee shirt + tree on tee-shirt + family name in or above or around tree… on cheap tee-shirt).

The issue is: this is a tee-shirt they’ll only wear once (for the reunion only), then they’ll almost certainly “junk it” soon thereafter. Truth be told, they wouldn’t even buy the shirt if it wasn’t due to their fear of being out of place.

Now, if this cycle sounds familiar, or if you’ve discovered CF in time (whew!) and want to get it right the first time around, then good for you– you’re at the right place! Now, your family will exclaim: “Finally! A family reunion tee-shirt I’d actually wear AFTER the family reunion!” All thanks to your quick thinking (and CF)!

Here’s how its done:

Each design is given the same attention to detail as our branded collection, so you know you’re getting the very best! In addition to quality, CF will keep you ahead of “The Jones'” with sheer innovation! This would include the all-new, fully-embroidered family reunion line! They have the same quality and feel as CF’s popular Signature Embroidered Tee-Shirts, but with your family’s name! These super-exclusive items are starting as low as $22! Plus there’s No setup, No design fee and No shipping charge (orders over 50 units) on this item!

So, to recap: your family can have the highest-quality and coolest design (we’ll add a tree if you like) at the most competitive prices around. Or, for a little bit more, you could be a trendsetter (like us) and hit the BBQ with fully-embroidered family reunion tee-shirts in your own custom color combination! The choice is yours!

To learn more about CF’s private label services, please click here. To place a bid for your own private label order, click here.

Family Reunion Tees.
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