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Christ First Clothing Company
Learn more about Christ First Clothing Company and Its Vision.
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Getting Started
Mission Statement
Values Pledge
The Founder
Company Tidbits and Fun Facts
Articles, Features and Celebrity Clippings
News and Updates to Bless You!
Return Policy and Guarantee
New! CF’s Church Profit-Sharing Initiative
How to Contact CF

Getting Started

Christ First Clothing Co.
Celebrating 15years of Ministry, Messengering and Manufacturing!

If you’re seeking an established brand of high-quality faith-expressive apparel and accessories; welcome to Christ First! If you’re in need of customized occasional apparel for your church, family reunion, ministry, business or event; welcome to Christ First! Or, if you’re looking to upgrade your church, business or ministry’s presentations in the areas of:

-Animated PowerPoint (for bible studies, anniversaries, special programs, etc.)
-Signage and Banners (In/Outdoor banners for special programs, anniversaries, etc.)
-Programs and/or Gazette Cover Design
-Online (domain assistance and simple, clean web design)

Then you’ve come to the right placeChrist First Clothing Co: Your #1 Source for high-quality Christian clothing and custom services!

So, how can CF help you, today?

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Mission Statement

Christ First Clothing Co. perseveres to be unmatched in quality, messaging, presentation and design. Our committed strides are rooted in breaking new ground and propelling Christ’ teachings to all via high-quality faith expressive apparel.

We are trailblazers. Serving to bring forth The Ancient of Days‘ message of Love, Peace and Salvation to pare this environment and to shape and indelibly imprint the lives of those who declare Christ, first.

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Values Pledge

We pledge to be Christ-like in all of our methodologies, policies and practices, demonstrating honesty and integrity in all things (Philippians 2:5).

We pledge to continue our strides to produce the best quality and the best products– spearheading, trendsetting and innovating for Christ’s sake (Colossians 3:23).

We will continue offering clients across the world exceptional Christian apparel that can be worn appropriately to worship-oriented gatherings or during everyday activities.

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The Founder

The “Calling”
Prior to the emergence of Christ First Clothing Co., an assortment of less-than engaging product offerings were designated for the Christian consumer. Religious cliches’ printed on low-quality tees was considered “Christian fashion.” Moreover, faith-based clothing offerings greatly paled in comparison to what was being offered in the secular marketplace until Christ First Clothing was introduced– raising the bar worldwide and forever changing how Christian apparel would be viewed, received and worn! This is my calling– to offer God the very best in my service to Him, and raise the bar for urban Christian apparel, products and services.

The “12”
Christ First Clothing has been embraced by believers all over the world! And, every now-and-then, I’d travel to different parts of the country to work, meet and fellowship with other believers. The funny thing is: early-on, I always found myself answering the exact same question: “what does the 12 mean?”

For those many, many inquirers, this one’s for you:
I believe the number 12 was given to me due to its biblical significance. If you have your bibles, check out the following scriptures. Note: You can also scroll over each scripture to view the King James Version of the passage: Exodus 24:4, Matthew 9:20, Matthew 10:1, Mark 6:43, Matthew 26:53, Mark 5:42 and Revelation 21:12 amid others.

The “Negotiator”
As the Founder and Lead Designer of CF branded apparel and its Private Labels facet, creating cool designs and innovative applications is only part of my daily job description. I also engage in periodic market analysis research to ensure CF clients are receiving “the best possible quality at the lowest possible price.” Anyone can undercut a price, but at what cost? You should never settle. Always remember this: Anyone can compare quotes but will they compare quality? Choose CF and get the quality and price you deserve!

The “People, Places and Things”
We are thankful to God for introducing CF to His People over the years. Here’s a short-list of people who’ve purchased, worn, endorsed, encouraged or supported CF along the way.

“If your name is not listed here– be assured that it is not a slight or diss.
We thank God for YOU also.”

Pastor Donnie McClurkin
NBA’s: Allan Houston
BET’s: Gerard Henry
NBA’s: Charlie Ward
Gospel Great: Vicki Winans
NFL Great: Reggie White (RIP)
Christopher “Play” Martin
TV Host: Rev. Jeanette Wilson
Gospel Gangstaz
FGBCF’s Founder: Bishop Paul Morton
Greater St. Stephen’s Co-Pastor: Dr. Debra Morton
NFL’s: Bryant Young
NFL’s: Dana Stubblefield
Pastor Corey Brooks
Bishop Randolph Nichols
Pastor and Senator James T. Meeks
UPCC’s Presiding Prelate: Bishop Larry Trotter
Multi-talent: Lonnie Hunter
Congressman Bobby L. Rush
MLB’s: Gary Sheffield
And many more…

Christ First has also had media exposure on:

The Today Show with Bryant Gumble
Motown Live
Stellar Awards
BET’s Lift Every Voice
NBA Finals
Holy Hip-Hop Show
The Gospel Tribune
BET Nightly News
The Source Magazine
Gospel Industry
Upscale Magazine
Inspirational Giftware
Gospel Today
Austin Weekly
Gospel Truth
The New York Times
CBA Frontline
Urban Inspired
The Maywood Herald
CBA Marketplace

The “Prayers and Support”
By purchasing Christ First Products and services, you’re helping the ministry grow and develop new and innovative ways to attract souls to The Truth. Our message is CLEAR and our efforts will continue to uplift the name of our Christ — for our desire is to continue the perpetual promotion of CHRIST and His teachings, not confusing acronyms (e.g.; “RUALGUTFAD” clothing) or religious cliches (e.g.; “P.U.S.H.“). “Christ First” is a powerful and personal message, declaration and decision! Established by Matthew 6:33, the question is, do we, as believers believe and take heed to the promise in this passage? Has Christ been placed First in your life, household or business?

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Company Tidbits and Fun Facts

Scroll over phrase to reveal its tidbit or fun fact…
Find out when Christ First Clothing Co. launched.
Find out where Christ First Clothing Co. was started and is currently headquartered.
See what Bill’s favorite Christ First style and the company’s least popular color combination have in common.
A cool fact about Christ First Clothing Co. we’re proud of.
An even cooler fact about Christ First Clothing Co. we’re very proud of.
By far the coolest fact about Christ First Clothing Co. that we’re the most proud of!
Why Bill was thought to be “crazy” in the beginning.
Another fact.
Find out where Christ First clothing is created and produced.
The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.

Founder and Owner:
Click here to contact Bill.

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Articles, Features and Celebrity Clippings

Quick note to all you HD, 3D, 4G enthusiasts reading this: We’ve been in business for 13years and none of that stuff was out when CF staff captured and preserved some of the following milestones and images. We simply Thank God that people have noticed our efforts and thought enough of us to write about it and share CF with others.

In all, its never really been a priority of ours, but we’re now starting to see the positives in keeping this kind of stuff, so we’ve launched a concerted effort to locate additional CF articles, imagery and so forth (yes, there’s much more) and we’ve vowed to keep this area updated with all of God’s forthcoming achievements in CF moving forward. And, now that we have all of that HD, 3D, 4G gadgetry within reach, we expect (pray church!) to get better at preserving and sharing the awesome things God is doing in our ministry with you!

Note: Click images to enlarge.


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News and Updates to Bless You!

Updated: November, 2014
Check out the faith-based freshness below:

asChrist First Films Company.
Will A Man Rob God? 3D Animated Film.

Christ First is excited to announce the launch of its new films division, Christ First Films, and the production launch of our first feature presentation: “Will A Man Rob God?” We’re also very excited to announce that this story will be produced and presented in computer-generated 3D animation. Learn how you can take part in this historic and powerful production. Click here to view the Will a Man Rob God? “teaser” trailer.

Email: Extra@ChristFirstClothing.Com to learn more!

What’s an
Access Score?

With scores ranging from 350 (“Poor“) to 850 (“Outstanding“), the Algorithmic Christian CrEdit Scoring System or “ACCESS” Score is first-of-its-kind algorithmic technology systematically designed to accurately and confidentially align biblical principles and parables from the Holy Bible with your modern-day beliefs, behaviorisms and practices for comparison. Thus, generating an “Access Score” and extensive “Credibility Report” on how well your current Christian walk aligns with God’s Word.

AccessScore.Org gives its users a confidential real-time snapshot of where they are in their respective Christian walks, while offering helpful tips, FREE mobile tools and recommendations on how to improve and/or preserve their score and national ranking. Access Scores and Credibility Reports are generated in seconds — no email address or other personal information is needed or required to use this FREE service. AccessScore.Org, its technology, content and functionalities are the intellectual properties of CF Development Group, Inc.

Click here to get your FREE and confidential Access Score and Report, today!

asCool Websites, Artists and Stuff.
Here are a few sites you should definitely check out:

Valencia and Unquenchable Worshippers
Walt Whitman’s Soul Children of Chicago
Pastor Daniel Garrett Ministries
Rev. Jeanette Wilson’s International Sunday School
Sew What! Salon Centre

Check back for new entries each month…
* * *

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Return Policy and Guarantee

We take great pride in offering you the very best in high-quality Christian clothing and design. And, in the event that you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will work diligently to correct any errors or unexpected short-comings.

We will gladly accept any returns and exchanges within seven (7) days of your initial receipt of the item(s)– in its original (with tags and labels affixed), unworn (not ironed, no stains, fragrances, etc.) condition. All returns are expeditiously processed via email.

You must include the following in your email:
1) The reason for the return (e.g.; received the wrong garment)
2) The order date
3) The item(s) ID#
4) Your resolution (options: replacement, credit, swap for another item or if the problem is irreversible and cannot be rectified, a full item and initial shipping charge refund, if applicable). You will receive a return authorization (RA#) number and return address within 24hours.

Important: Credits will be forfeited and the merchandise will be sent back to you, if:

a) It is not in its original, unworn condition (infractions include: ironed, fragrances, stains, unattached CF hangtag, labels, etc.)
b) If it is altered or damaged from customer mishandling
c) If the item(s) isn’t returned and received by CF within seven (7) days

Note: The RA# authorization procedure is in place to better serve you. Returns may be misdirected if they are not accompanied by a return authorization number, so be sure to follow the procedure as notated prior to shipping any goods back to us.

Private Label: Design renderings for private label or custom orders are submitted electronically for client approval prior to production. Our comprehensive design and production process creates and applies each design to the garment precisely as shown in the (approved) rendering. Therefore, private label items can only be returned if:

a) The wrong design was applied and/or shipped
b) The garment(s) had manufacturing, production or shipping related stains, rips, tears or quality issues, such as: loose threading, weak seams or loose or missing notions out of the box.

In these extremely rare circumstances (CF has no history of either scenario), a full credit per affected item or replacement per item will be authorized immediately.

Returning Now: Click email us and succinctly describe your reason for the return. Please include the order number, date the order was placed, product item number your returning, quantity being returned and your preferred resolution.

Upon receipt of the returned item(s), please allow 2weeks for processing.

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Profit Sharing Initiative

Who is CF’s Profit-Sharing Initiative for?

The Costs: If your church, organization, denomination -as a whole- or ministry is looking to seamlessly and unobtrusively raise added revenues at NO fiscal cost to you or your ministry, CF’s nationally-implemented Profit-Sharing Initiative is for you!

The Benefits: CF’s Profit-Sharing Initiative opens up new opportunities for you to offer high-quality, faith-expressive clothing to congregants and parishioners at a profit. Additional funds can be used to help finance new construction, purchase land or expand upon an existing property– effectively equalizing rising ministerial expenses.

Christ First Clothing Co. is the nation’s urban Christian apparel leader in sales generated, signature and custom design creation and product innovation. Since 1998, Christ First Clothing Co. has also led the way in forging national partnerships and distribution relationships with the fastest-growing denomination in the nation and the largest Christian distributor in the nation!

In addition, Christ First has revolutionized the way Christian apparel is designed, produced, presented and marketed with its limited-edition collections and custom creations. But, above all else, Christ First is one of the most fiscally-charitable! No more donuts, caramel apples or dinners. Grow YOUR ministry WITH ministry and contact CF today!

To learn more and to receive a copy of CF’s Profit-Sharing PowerPoint Presentational Invite via email, simply click here to request a copy or give us a call today!

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Contacting Christ First Clothing Co.

Simply click here to go to our Contact Us page, or click the grey envelope icon below (at the bottom left corner of every page) to email us directly from your email client. You can also phone our call center: (682) CF12-011 (231-2011) or (773) 998-1998, Monday -thru- Friday, 10:00am to 6:00pm (CST).

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