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Christ First Clothing Company
Learn more about CF’s Membership Advantage Program here.
Simply click a phrase to learn more:

Important: CF Members are no longer required to enter a password to view or shop in the CF Member Catalog. You must be a CF Member, however to have an order placed in the CF Member Catalog processed. All none CF Members must shop in the CF Catalog found here.

Membership Advantage
Member Registration (How it Works)
CF Membership FAQ’s
Membership Registration Form

Membership Advantage

CF’s Membership Advantage has, well, its advantages.
Still don’t believe us — simply scroll down and see for yourself:

1) Shop current CF styles at a reduced rate
2) Free shipping on every order
3) Shop pre-released CF styles up to 45 days before the official release date(s) to the general public (non-members)
4) Shop exclusive CF styles only available in the CF Member Catalog
5) CF’s “Create Your Own” feature gives CF Members the ability to hand-select custom color combinations for their Embroidered Tee-Shirts and Crew Sweatshirts purchases, and there are No design, setup or customization fees of any kind
6) No minimum order on any of the above
7) All for only $1 per month!

Note: There are no member discounts or reduced pricing available for private label.

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Member Registration (How it Works)

To register with CF, all you’ll need to provide is your Name, Email Address and when prompted an online payment method to get started. Upon providing that, click “Get Started” below. You will be directed to CF’s secured sign-up page powered by PayPal to continue registration.

Note: Your CF Member Password and Welcome will be emailed to you. Upon receipt, you can browse, create and shop securely in CF’s exclusive Member Catalog. You will be billed cyclically each month. CF Membership can be canceled at any time.

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CF Membership FAQ’s

Is there a purchase minimum for my membership to remain active?
No, there isn’t. In fact, there’s no purchase necessary at all to maintain an active status from month-to-month.

If I do join, will I receive unsolicited emails from Christ First at any time?
No. You will receive one email per month, which will inform you of your monthly renewal and your new password. CF Member Catalog passwords are updated monthly.

Will my membership be automatically renewed each month?
Yes. To cancel, simply email us (that email address is provided in the welcome email) the word “cancel.” Upon real-time receipt of your cancellation, you will no longer be charged and you will no longer have access to CF’s Member Catalog in subsequent month(s).

I’d like to become a member, but I don’t have an e-mail account?
Simply phone us: (682) CF12-011 (231-2011) or (773) 998-1998. A CF representative will ask you a few questions, process your request and give you your password over the phone.

If you have additional questions that aren’t addressed here, please email us.

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Membership Registration Form

To register successfully, simply enter your name and email address in the provided fields, click “Get Started” then follow the secured payment prompt(s) via PayPal. Please have your payment method or PayPal login information (for PayPal users) ready.

Please begin here:

Your Name:
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