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Adding Your Name to Your Purchase
Adding A Scripture or Motto to Your Purchase
Character Count and Design Size
Personalization Pricing

Adding Your Name to Your Purchase

Adding your name to your purchase(s) has never been easier!
You can now add your name to CF’s Signature and LEDM Baseball Jerseys, Embroidered Tee-Shirts and Crew Sweatshirts quickly and easily.

Here’s how you do it:
1) Go to CF’s Catalog (for CF Members, go to the Member Catalog).
2) Select one of the noted CF items above
3) From the drop-down menu, select “add a name (and number) on the back of this item”
4) During checkout, you’ll be asked to type your desired name in the provided text field
5) Type the desired name (e.g.; “Sean Smith”) in the provided field and
6) We’ll take it from there

Spelling: The name will be applied (onto the garment) exactly as it was submitted (by you). We’ve done countless names and many of them had unique spellings (e.g.; “Girl” spelled “Gurl”), so we will not correct perceived typos– as they may be purposed.
Therefore, please double-check your spelilng spelling.

Lettering: Each name will be applied in ALL CAPS. Additional accents, such as: periods and hyphens are available and often used.

Colors: Names are color-matched with the ‘preexisting’ color combination on the front of the item. For example: If the item is Black with Red and Grey embroidery, the name on the back will be applied in Red and Grey by default* — unless otherwise requested.

Here’s a visual example:

Important: Default applications as described are not a requirement. Simply include your desired colors (foreground and background) in the “special instructions” text field during checkout. You should inquire ahead (via email or phone) if you have contrasting specialty colors (e.g.; lime green) in mind for your name. Typical colors are generally in-stock.

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Adding A Scripture or Motto to Your Purchase

Adding a favorite scripture, motto, “saying” or quote to the sleeve of your CF or LEDM baseball jersey(s) is also easier than ever!

Important: All scriptures will be applied in the King James translation, unless otherwise requested. Note: Client must be the original author of a provided motto, quote or “saying.” By adding a motto or “saying,” the client agrees that he/she is the author of the original material and/or have obtain permission to utilize it in this capacity. CF nor its owner(s), representative(s), associate(s), or affiliate(s) will bear no liability of any kind for plagiarism or infringements relating to the motto, quote or saying requested.

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Character Count and Design Size

Back of Garment: 10 characters (example) | 12 characters (maximum)

The number 12 is the default numeric for custom names. If you desire a different one character numeric (e.g.; “1”) or two character numeric (e.g.; “22”), please indicate it by including your desired number in the “special instructions” field during checkout.

Sleeve Design: The maximum application for sleeve additions will be governed by the largest of the three:

a) Two (2) chosen scriptures
b) Five (5) horizontal lines (sentences) of content or
c) Designs measuring three and half (3.5″ H) inches by four (4″ W) inches

Turnaround: Personalization requests are processed and shipped within ten (10) working days of receipt.

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Personalization Pricing

Personalization Pricing.
Back of Garment: Add $20 to the cost of the garment
Sleeve Design: Add $14 to the cost of the garment
Both: Add $34 to the cost of the garment

Note: There are No setup fees for personalization.

Click here to go to CF’s Catalog and get started.
For CF Members, click here to go to CF’s Member Catalog login page.

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