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Christ First Clothing Company
Learn more about CF’s Extensive Private Label and Design options.
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Choosing Christ First
How It Works
Terms of Use
How to Place An Order and Submit A Bid
Private Label Clients
Private Label Client Photo Gallery

Choosing Christ First

Christ First Clothing Co.
Private Labels and Custom Design Services.
Note: For non-apparel-related private label services, please click here.

CF’s Private Label Service has designed and delivered customized products to hundreds of churches, families (family reunions), events coordinators, organizations and corporations nationwide.

Our simple yet efficient design and approval process makes design creation and selection convenient and painless. While, our seasoned manufacturing and production arm brings your ideas to life with literal style and grace! We view every client’s project as a blank canvas; a new opportunity to create something cool and unique. This approach keeps us motivated and interested, and the end-creation and end-product speaks for itself!

So, tell us about your needs and “Let’s Create Something Together!”

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How It Works

Our convenient process makes it easier than ever to place bids on orders, design and purchase your very own high-quality creations. But, before we go on, here are some things you should know about ordering private label:

a) CF has a “one price” tee-shirt business model. This simply means: If your order is quoted at $6 per shirt, its actually $6 per shirt… not $6 for Small through XL; $7.50 for XXL and so on. In other words: unlike everyone else, CF does not increase its per unit price as your sizes increase! b) If you need a design, you can either choose to pay CF’s $35 design fee or select to have it waived for your order! c) All designs are submitted in the actual artwork and format used during production. So, there’s no need for end-product speculative guess work on neither side– what you see (and approve) is literally what you’ll get. d) Quality is Standard. CF’s abiding commitment to quality, creativity and affordability over the years has set it apart from everyone else. And, even though its private label, we won’t ship it, if we wouldn’t put our name on it! e) Most private label orders ship for free within the continental United States. f) Tee-shirt color options are limitless and available sizes typically run from: Youth Small (6-8) through XXXLarge (3X). XXXXLarge (4X) shirts are also available.

Note: Though, rush orders are accepted often, generally, all orders should be placed no less than fifteen (15) business days before the date you actually need the items in hand. The more time the better.

General steps.
Here’s a hypothetical production scenario:
In this scenario, we’ll say CF created the design.

1) A bid is submitted by a client. The client is contacted via email informing him/her that his/her bid has been accepted by CF. The client is then given a 72hour window (from the time of bid acceptance) to submit the order and payment. Or otherwise, the bid will expire.
2) A design is then created by CF’s design team and emailed to the client for review.
3) The client would then a) approve the design or b) identify and communicate any desired modification(s) they’d like made.
4) Upon design approval, the order will be inserted into CF’s production schedule.

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Terms of Use

i) By placing an order with Christ First’ Private Label, Custom Design and Manufacturing division, “CF”, you, the “Individual,” recognize and agree that you are at least 18 years of age and authorized in the capacity of submitting orders to CF on your behalf or on the behalf of another individual, corporation, organization, church, family reunion committee, denomination- as a whole, incorporated partnership or limited liability corporation (LLC). It being noted that the other individual, corporation, organization, church, family reunion committee, denomination- as a whole, incorporated partnership or limited liability corporation (LLC) has or may have protected intellectual properties, designs and/or logos that may be sent to us by the Individual. ii) By placing an order with CF, you are agreeing and stating that you are the Individual designated or chosen by an official owner, executive, manager, church or choir leader, pastor, designated member or representative of that other individual, corporation, organization, church, family reunion committee, denomination- as a whole, incorporated partnership or limited liability corporation (LLC). iii) The Individual is acknowledging that he/she has a current working relationship with the other individual, corporation, organization, church, family reunion committee, denomination- as a whole, incorporated partnership or limited liability corporation (LLC), and has obtained the permission, whether written or verbal, from an authoritative figure to place an order with CF, and iv) the Individual, as of April 1, 2011, agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless CF and its owner(s), partner(s), employees and associate(s) from and against any losses, claims, demands, expenses of any kind, or liability resulting from any third-party claims and disputes, either infringement or otherwise, in private or public against the Individual in relationship to the Individual’s CF order request.

Right of Refusal: The Individual understands that CF reserves the right to refuse private label service to any person or organization.

v) The Individual also understands that CF has the right to reject any design content that it deems inappropriate, whether written or in the form of an image. This may include but is not limited to negative political statements of any kind, pornographic or sexual language or imagery, gang, drug or “gangster rap” references, images, symbolism, lingo and/or innuendo of any kind, vulgar language and racially-charged commentary and/or positions.

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How to Place An Order and Submit A Bid

Placing an order: The quickest way to ask questions (about a possible order) or place orders is via phone or email: Custom@ChristFirstClothing.Com.

Or, you can submit a bid here.

Submitting a bid: This simply means: tell us how much you’d like to pay for your order. Once you’ve completed a brief form, which will give us a clearer picture of what your needs are, you will then select a price that fits your budget. Your bid is then received and either accepted as is or a counter offer is emailed back to you. A counter-offer is probable when the details of an order grossly supersede the budget or bid price. Fair and competitive bids will likely be accepted (or approved).

Important: If you are providing a camera-ready logo or design, but you’re unsure about the color-count; don’t fret, simply click here to upload the file from your computer and send it to us. We will inform you of the color-count via email upon review.

Files must be submitted in one of the following formats: gif, jpeg, tiff and/or png, and you must change the image’s file name to your email address. Example: If you’re sending us a picture of an American flag from your computer, and the name of the file is currently: “american_flag.jpg” simply change the file name to: “”

One-time screen charge: Screens are $25 per color, per design.
Click here to submit a bid to CF.

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Private Label Clients

Allen Family
Armstrong Family
Ascension International
Barnes Family
Bates Family
Bennett Family
Bishop Paul S. Morton
Bryant Family
Central City Productions
Chase Bank
Cheatham Family
Cody Family
Coleman Family
Congressman Bobby Rush
Conway, Stanford and Simpson Families
Covenant Blessings, Inc.
Davidson’s Family
Davis Family
Denson Family
Donna Richardson’s Sweating in the Spirit
Donnie McClurkin’s New York Call
Edmonds Family
Evans Family
Flowers Family
Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship
G-First Sportswear
Gethsemane Baptist Church
GMWA National Mass Choir
God’s Chozen Youth Ministry
Gospel Music Workshop of America
Gotta Getit Gear
Grant Memorial A.M.E. Church
Greater Open Door Church
Green Family
Griggs Family
Guido Family
Hampton Family
Hanks Family
Higher Vision Ministries
Hodges Family
Hunt Family
Jackson Family
Jammin’ Against The Darkness
Johnson and Johnson
Jones Family
JV Richardson Chorus
Keaton Family
Kelly Family
Kingdom Radio
Knots Family
Martin Family
McDonald Family
Midwest Baptist District Association
Moore Family
Mount Calvary Baptist Church
Mount Sinai Baptist Church
NBA Star Charlie Ward
New Life Cathedral
Original Mount Pleasant M.B. Church
Pastor Tyrone Crider
Prime Timers
Reese Family
Roberts Family
Roger Family
Tyler Family
Sacred Arts Music Ministry
Sew What! Salon Centre
Simmons Family
Smith Family
Spirit Redeemed Missionary Baptist Church
Stayton Family
Stellar Awards
Sweet Holy Spirit Church
Tate Family
TD Jakes’ Mega Fest
The International Sunday School Broadcast
Turner Family
Underwood Brothers Construction
VJ’s Toy Chest
Wallace Family
Wilson Family
Women of Excellence
Women Preparing to Meet The King
Young Uncommon Women Ministries
Youth Fusion
Zackery Family

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Private Label Client Photo Gallery

Whether its high-quality Christian apparel, private label or custom presentations, we strive to meet the immediate needs of the modern-day believer.

Note: A diminutive assortment of CF private label creations are included below. Simply click an image to enlarge it (Adobe Flash may be required) and view its description. While enlarged, click the “NEXT” or “PREV” (previous) tab(s) to view additional images.



Cancellation Scenarios.
a) Before design creation: The client will receive a full refund
b) After design creation: The client will receive a refund less design and screen charges
c) After order goes into production: No refund or credit can be given

Additional Information.
Click here here to view additional Private Label cancellation and return information.

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